In the auto assembly department, we specialize in the final assembly of automobile parts to come up with the best vehicles possible. We use only high-quality components and ensure we go for the best brands. Most of our imports are from Japan, but we also get other high-tech autos from techno-advanced countries like Israel and The USA.

We not only assemble cars but also deal with two-wheel drives like bicycles and motorbikes. Heavy trucks and tankers are also assembled at Auto Assembly Europe, as well as cranes and other advanced automobiles. All our cars are sold by the company and our partners all over Europe and even in other continents.

Apart from the auto assembly, we also offer the following services:

Car rental service

We have different car models for rental services at very affordable costs. Our customers reserve their individual choices of vehicles to use, from the variety available. Chauffer services are also available at affordable prices, for those who may need.

Driving lessons

We don’t just make automobiles and sell them. We also train expert drivers who graduate with unmatched skills and are hot cakes in the market. There is no better driving course than that which is offered by the automobile experts themselves. Our driving courses are very extensive, and we also provide extra packages like mechanical training for drivers. Being trained by us not only leaves you as a professional driver but also one who can handle fundamental mechanical problems of your car.

Automobile repairs and maintenance

We offer mechanic services, both mobile repairs and garage-based repairs. The vehicles assembled at Auto Assembly Europe stand the advantage of discounted repair fees, as compared to other cars. We advise our buyers to seek any repair and maintenance services from us to reduce costs, and also because we understand our brand better.

Automobile expert advice

We run various programs for offering expert advice on automobiles. Some programs are free, while others are paid for. We have a blog for motors, where you can find anything regarding automobiles and have your questions answered. We also have YouTube tutorials that address several issues concerning automobiles.

Besides all that, our experts also offer professional advice to clients depending on their automobile needs. We will direct you accordingly on how to get the best products and services within your budget.

Contests and competitions

We conduct occasional racing competitions for those who love speed. Typically, our registration fee is very affordable, and most of our racing proceeds are directed to charity.

Apart from racing competitions, we also have academic and technical contests for sourcing new ideas from fresh minds. This is one of our strategies for improvement since we get automobile suggestions and ideas from bright minds in universities and high schools.

Another of our contests is the Europe Car Model Show, which brings together geniuses in the industry to showcase their latest model inventions. The best car model designer gets a scholarship to study at our first-class automobile college, The International Auto Mobile Tech University.