We engage in non-auto services like casino and charity events as well.

Casino Games

The casino department acts as an extension of the entertainments that we offer at Auto Assembly Europe. Our experts develop Need for Speed Games to be played at partner online casinos like Spinia Casino, Paypal Casinos, Blackjack and Casino Live Canada. Our casino games come with several bonuses and we also have no-download casino games for those who like playing online.

Charity events

We care about humanity and matters of global concern like world hunger, HIV/AIDS, poverty, peace and climate change among others. 1% of all our annual revenue goes to vetted non-profit organizations, which takes care of our Corporate Social Responsibility. We also allow for donations from well-wishers who would like to join us in giving back to the community.

The International Auto Mobile Tech University

This is an independent institution that offers highly rated automobile education to exceptional students. Owing to the increase in demand and the overwhelming popularity, intake into the institution is strictly by merit. Only the best students from other automobile institutions get a scholarship to study at International Auto Mobile Tech University. The other category of students is for those who qualify by winning championships and contests organized by our partners or us. We take the best students and produce the best professionals in the industry.

The 1st Auto Assembly Europe Online Racing Competition

This competition will run from 1st to 7th of December 2019, at the conference hall in our main offices. The registration fee is very affordable, and some selected individuals will get free entry on the basis of merit.

This contest will just be the beginning of the many more that are yet to follow. This is a golden opportunity for casino gamers who are crazy about automobiles. We will have new car models to be tried during the contest, and the games will be very technical. That is why it calls for automobile experts who have an interest in online casinos.

There will be three days training at the same venue for all who will have registered to participate in the competition. This is due to the technical nature of the process, and so you don’t need to be worried about not knowing. So long as the need for speed runs in your blood, this could be your breakthrough to joining the International Auto Mobile Tech University.

The event will be graced by personalities from Spinia Casino, Paypal Casinos, Blackjack, and Casino Live Canada. So don’t miss this opportunity to exploit your racing talent and meet big people.