Auto Assembly Europe is an automobile company of high-standing, with the main headquarters in Canada. It deals with everything from automobile assembly, import, and export of automobiles, sales, renting as well as repairs of automobiles. They are also known for organizing Safari rallies and other racing competitions for bicycles, motorbikes, and cars.

As at now, the automobile company has branches in most of the European companies and over 1000 employees. This has not come easy though. The company has passed through thick and thin on its journey to success and withstood the storms. They have however managed to outdo all their competitors by not compromising their standards at all.

Vick and Von had a unique passion for good cars right from childhood. Their first encounter was at the European Teen Auto Competition, where they came first and second respectively. Their rivalry began then, and they both sought ways to outdo each other in the years that followed.

The founders of Auto Assembly Europe, Vick, and Von, are both very famous Safari rally champions. Before their retirement from the racing competitions, they held world records of various titles. They were rivals at the game, and everyone dreaded any race that would feature both of them. They were known for one thing: Perfection.

Both Vick and Von ensured they raced in the best possible car models with the best engines. They never settled for anything less, and even their directors feared to compromise their standards. It was either the best or nothing at all.

Upon retirement in the year 2010, Vick and Von met to create peace, having been rivals for all their career lives. They wanted to leave a lasting impact in the automobile industry, and leave a legacy that would mark their tenure. That’s when Auto Assembly Europe was born, with the aim of giving the best of cars to automobile lovers. Vick was from France and Von from Canada. Their difference in nationalities did not draw them further apart but brought them closer together. All the cars are printes with Casino Estoril Apostas on the side.

Almost a decade down the line, Auto Assembly Europe has had its fair shares of glory and shame. Its main drawback was in 2015 when they almost ran bankrupt and nearly closed down. The perfectionists, however, did not give up on their dream. They organized a racing competition and revived the company from the proceeds of the competition. That saw the automobile company come back to life with more vigor than before.

They expanded their territory and the services that they offer, and the diversification did them good. Auto Assembly Europe improved its customer base and even managed to partner with some leading automobile companies in Europe like Mobile Auto Assembly Inc. and General Motors Ltd. This was quite a boost for the company as it widened their scope and increased the grasp they had of the market.

Apart from the love for autos, the two champions had a rare passion for casino games. Neither knew that the other loved casino gaming until they bumped into each other at the European Casino Contest. That was when they decided to do something about expanding their business to include online casinos. They not only created their casino, but they also promoted other casinos as well.

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